Braunston, Lower Shuckburgh and Rugby walks along The Oxford Canal in England.

Lower Shuckburgh to Braunston in England - a sort of circular walk.

The beautiful Oxford Canal in England. Oxford Canal towpath in poor condition near Braunston Oxford Canal Tow BoatPark at Lower Shuckburgh by Canal Bridge 104 - simply cross the bridge and go onto the towpath heading east. Sadly and as is often the case around Braunston the towpath soon deteriorates into a bramble and nettle mess with sometimes quite deep muddy holes or occasionally where the towpath has completely collapsed into the canal. Nevertheless the canal is really nice to walk along with loads of wildlife and flora and countryside to enjoy as well as various canal and old railway bridges to enjoy. In particular just after Bridge 101 Nethercote Bridge there are the remains of where a railway bridge once crossed the canal - if you walk to the left down off the towpath you can see another bridge which is still in good condition - well worth the diversion.
Ivy Bridge 98 on the Oxford Canal in England Braunston Turn Bridges by The Oxford Canal, England. renovated old canal pump building at Braunston Boatyard at Braunston beside the Oxford Canal
Only the last part into Braunston where you walk along the (once) aqueduct does the towpath become in good condition for walking and cycling. At Braunston Turn the Oxford Canal continues to the left but we actually went right going along the Grand Union Canal into Braunston. Canal Lock 2 - Grand Union Canal, England. Braunston Tunnel entrance - Grand Union Canal, England St Peter's Church at Wolfhamcote in England. If you want to look around the town come off at Bridge 91 - otherwise continue along the towpath as far as the entrance to Braunston Tunnel passing several locks in the process. Note that the towpath on the last few 100 yards to the tunnel entrance is usually running with water and very muddy in places - hardly the place for sandals.. To continue the walk return to Bridge 91 - take the marked footpath to cross an open area where there were two medieval villages to reach Wolfhamcote Church. From the church continue passing a farm on the right and continue straight ahead to eventually cross an old railway line and then reach the Oxford Canal at Bridge 98. From here simply wander your way back to Lower Shuckburgh.


Rugby Arm of the Oxford Canal

Braunston to Rugby in England which is a one way walk there and taxi back.

This stretch was done by parking near the church at Braunston and then walking the canal up to Rugby at Bridge 59 - we wanted to walk in this direction particularly because the fairly low sun was behind us - walking any distance with the sun in your face is not too nice after a while because of the glare. When around Hill Morton one of the well known views are of the radio masts at Rugby Radio Station which have quite a history - the radio masts originally came into service in January 1926 and were initially used for sending telegraph messages out to the Commonwealth. In the 1950s the transmitter was utilised for sending messages out to the Royal Navy's submerged submarines however this facility ended in the Spring of 2003.
Heavy undergrowth by Rowdyke Bridge - Oxford Canal, England. lovely railway bridges over the Oxford Canal near Rugby in England. Locks 2 and 3 - Hillmorton twin locks on the Oxford Canal, England. The Granthams Canal Arm - Oxford Canal, England.

Hill Morton Lock Flight is also really interesting - originally built as single narrow locks the three sets of locks were modernised during the 1930s into twins in an attempt to increase barge-throughput on the Oxford Canal. There is an hourly bus service running from Braunston to Rugby and back and we expected we might use this bus out of Rugby to get back. However we took ages to do the walk as we kept diverting to look at old railway bridges and so on therefore it was quite late when we eventually got to Rugby - we just missed the bus so got a taxi back instead - cost at the time with a bit of negotiating was 18 UKstg. The towpath is quite rough and somewhat collapsed in places though there were signs that is was being cleared of bramble and nettle - however once you get nearer to Rugby the towpath is in good condition.

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