A Circular Walk up to Pulpit Hill and Hill Fort in South Buckinghamshire.

This fairly short walk of around 5 miles is just right to get your legs going since it starts off with quite a considerable climb up to the top of Pulpit Hill. It then drops most of the way down and then climbs again into beautiful woodland before wandering back on The Ridgeway passing the outskirts of Chequers Court. There is hardly any road to walk - just forest paths and tracks - and also really great views of the surrounding countryside. There are loads of paths and tracks around this area with quite a few not on any map so the route description is a little long for such a short walk. The use of a map (O.S. Explorer 181 Chiltern Hills North) before and during the walk is still quite a good idea.
Parking: Take the A4010 heading from Princes Risborough to Aylesbury and about half a mile after crossing the Askett/Lower Cadsen roundabout just before reaching Great Kimble the road dips - on the right you will see a cottage and a quite long lay-bye - park here. [ SP 82536 05815 ]
Pulpit Hill and it's Hill Fort - Buckinghamshire, England.Beautifu views from the top of Pulpit Hill, Chiltern Hills, England.Narrow sunken path climbing up Pulpit Hill in England.The walk starts on a track which goes up on the lefthand side of the cottage. Stay on this rising track which is lined with trees and foliage - after a while there are really good views on the right and also the track narrows into a stoney somewhat sunken path. The Ridgeway Trail crosses the path after a while but ignore this and keep heading on up - the woods are on the right and there are soon excellent views of the countryside now on the left. On reaching a cross-path turn right on an unsigned path which heads off up further into the woods towards Pulpit Hill. Around here there are several unmarked paths which go off particularly to the left into the top area of Pulpit Hill Fort (these can be taken for a look at the remains of the earthworks) if you wish to explore a little. In reality the Hill Fort is covered with heavy bramble in The Spring and Summer and there is not that much to see from a "Fort" point of view. The path bears sort of right round the earthworks and in the Winter there are very good views to be had on the right. The path ends up by dropping a little to reach a path junction. Turn left on a broad path and now follow this as it goes between dense woods - now with the Hill Fort up on the left. Some way along on reaching a path junction take the path which leaves on the right - this drops sometimes quite steeply down and care is need in wet or icy weather. Sunken cross paths meet - The Chilterns in Buckinghamshire.This ends up just above a small car park on the Cadsen Road - turn left above the parking area on a broad track with ends up at the road. Take the path on the opposite side of the road which now heads in an almost straight direction to then drop down to a very sunken path junction.
Turn left up a narrow path which is soon bordered by fields on the left and fields and sometimes woods on the right - follow this along to eventually reach a very high hedgerow. The marked path goes through and onto a well surfaced lane (which goes to Solinger House) - turn left along the lane to reach Missenden Road.
On the opposite side of the road there is a driveway leading to Hampden Chase (may still be shown as Dirtywood Farm on O.S. maps) - this is also a public footpath so take this to reach the hedgerow bordering the buildings, bear left to walk round the grounds (well marked) and end up at the far side of the buildings. Now head on up the field to reach Widnell Woods. Still climbing bear left at a path junction and continue into pine woods - carry on through the woods on a really nice path which then becomes a very narrow path and descends. On reaching a t-junction turn right and then keeping left at the next path junction (Hengrove Woods) to eventually arrive at a lane. Turn left down this narrow sunken lane to arrive at Buckmore End and the Missenden Road again - cross the road onto The Ridgeway Path which goes into the grounds of Chequers Court. Chequers Court Country House in Buckinghamshire, England.Follow The Path up across several fields to the edge of Maple Woods - here the Path turns sharp right and continues along what is now the top edge of Chequers. There are some beautiful trees here and also nice views of Chequers itself. Go through a wide gate and keep ahead following the Acorn sign up and over a field to reach another set of gates. Again continue ahead now descending through a canopy of trees and stay on The Ridgeway Path as it comes into a more open area and climbs and bears left to then reach a sunken path junction. Turn right and follow this back down to the parking area.
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