A Thame Circular Walk in Oxfordshire, England.

The tree-lined River Thame in Oxfordshire

Starting from Thame in Oxfordshire this pleasant walk also includes visiting Shabbington and Rycote Chapel.

This meadowland and forest walk starts at The Prebendal and Thame Church [ SP 7040 0638 ] where you will usually find plenty of parking space on the roadside. Note however that if there has been recent heavy rain the fields just after the start of the walk do flood easily (they are water meadows of course and meant to do this) or can be very muddy. Thame river does go over it's banks with little encouragement and if the fields are flooded here then probably the area after the Fisherman's Public House (later in the walk) will be too wet to get through.
With Thame Church behind you head north (through some white traffic barriers) along the old road soon crossing two bridges and shortly arriving at the A418 by-pass. Cross straight over this busy road with it's often very fast traffic with great care. After a few metres take the path on the left (marked Thame Valley Walk) and head across the fields in a westerly direction until you reach a minor road [ SP 6803 0777 ]. Turn left on this road then when the road bears right take a path leaving on your left (Thame Valley Walk) and follow this across the fields to emerge on a road by Shabbington Church.
Turn left and follow the road - passing the Fisherman Pub off to the right but staying on the road as it goes sharp left over two hump bridges - the path continues on the right just after the second bridge [ SP 6697 0651 ].
Now simply follow the river until the path seems to end [SP 6682 0551 ], where you turn sharp left and head to the now visible and noisy A418 main-road. Cross this busy road with care and take the opposite path for a few yards, then turn right onto the old disused railway track.
Follow this track soon going through some gates and then after passing woods on your left arrive at a driveway, turn left up this driveway towards the houses and farm buildings.

The old Rycote Chapel, near ThameAt a T-junction you pick up the Oxfordshire Way National Trail [ SP 6635 0486 ], go left here and follow it to Rycote Chapel (The Oxfordshire Way goes right passed the Church - which is sometimes open in the Spring/Summer - and also note there are seats at the Chapel for a picnic break).
On leaving the Chapel continue into the woods and then follow the path until eventually coming to a field - cross this and back into the woods on the far side. Stay on the main track through the woods until you arrive at the road (A329). Now cross the road and onto the golf course and continue along on the Oxfordshire Way as it passes the two artificial lakes a little way to your left and continues on up to the club house which is also on your left.
Bear left just passed the club house and join a tarmac road - head down this narrow road with the club house now on your left and practice greens on your right - this road then soon becomes a track - follow this track down as it heads towards Moreton. The track ends at some gates, go through these gates and head in the same direction down the road passing Elm Tree Farm on your left into Moreton. When a small road comes in from the right keep straight on and follow the road until it forks, go right here and continue along through this very pretty village, passing a small duck pond on your right (ignore the road going off to the right here - it's a dead end). The road ends at some houses, look for a path going straight on between houses+gardens and follow this narrow mostly tarmac path - soon going over a small stream and then with a field on your right - until this path meets a track [ SP 7018 0513 ], turn left down this track now heading back into Thame. The track eventually reaches houses and then a tarmac road, continue in the same direction - with playing fields on your left - until you reach a roundabout, turn left here and follow the road until it reaches Thame high street. Turn left here, go across the road and then continue along until it turns very sharp left on it's way out of Thame - take the small road on your right which will take you back to the Prebendal and Thame Church.

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