Soulbury and Greensand Ridge Circular Walk in England.

This excellent walk starts at Soulbury 3 Locks and goes to Old Linslade, up onto GreenSand Ridge then Great Brickhill and walking back to Soulbury in England.

This 11 mile circular walk takes you along the Grand Union Canal towpath, then into the woodland of Rushmere Park (with it's Redwoods). You can walk down to a small pleasant lake to stop for a quick lunchtime sandwich before going off along via the Greensand Ridge to Great Brickhill and finally back along the Grand Union to the pub at 3 Locks at Soulbury. The walk is not very hilly but note that in the winter it can be very cold and windy out along here - of the 9 times we have walked this route we have been lucky enough to be snowed on 3 times and rained on twice. The map relevant to this walk is OS Explorer 192. The walk starts from a car park beside the canal where the Soulbury road meets the A4146 at grid reference [ SP 89220 28290 ].

Small wood lined stream near Old LinsladeLeave the car park and turn right to go over the bridge and then right again onto the towpath of the Grand Union Canal. Follow the canal along going under two small bridges and eventually the church at Old Linslade comes into view ahead of you. Climb the steps by the bridge to get onto the road (if you go right and across the bridge you can visit the nice church next to Old Linslade Manor - it is well worth a diversion from the main walk) and then go left - just after the road crosses a narrow bridge (this is the second bridge) over a stream take a small path in the hedgerow on the right and follow this as it heads diagonally up across the field to the far corner by the tree line - you have now joined the Greensand Ridge Walk. Continue into the woods and stay on this pleasant path as it wanders through the woods to eventually arrive back on the road at Rushmere. Cross this sometimes busy road onto a small road ahead - almost immediately take a marked path on the right into woods - there are some magnificent redwood trees here - also as you walk along note the large lake on the right which often has wildlife on it. The path - which is now on Greensand Ridge - soon climbs through trees slowly bending left - ignore any side tracks and paths - eventually the path comes out onto more open ground with views down to the left. Stay on the same path as it enters Oak Wood and drops down to cross a stream / boggy area and a small pond on the right, then climbs up to reach a cross track, go right (still on the marked Greensand Ridge Walk).

Carry on up this now very wide track through the woods to arrive at another main cross track** marked to Scotsgrove Park 1/2 Mile. Go right here and walk down to reach a track junction by a concreted area, go left taking the climbing path - the path levels out more and there is a coral wooden fence now on the left. Eventually arrive at a gate, go on through and stay ahead as the path soon drops down to meet a path on the left, take this path to carry on down to the lake. There are quite a few paths round here and you can walk round the lake - for the purposes of our walk instructions we went anti-clockwise. When you are nearly round the like there is an old brick boating house to look at - then a little further on the path splits with one path going on round the lake. There are two bench seats here which are ideally placed to stop for a picnic/drink. At the previously mentioned path junction go straight ahead to walk through pine trees - there are several smaller ponds and boggy areas on the left. The path rises up a little to meet the original inbound path.
Greensand RidgeTurn right and walk back up the track to reach the track junction** again, turn right to continue walking along the Greensand Ridge and to eventually join a small dirt road at Vane. Continue along this small road to a junction, go right and then as the road bends take the marked path going off to the left into the woods. Continue on this narrow, enclosed and sandy path - the path joins a wide track - always stay in the same direction through more woodland to eventually walk down to reach farm gates which is where you finally leave the Greensand Ridge Walk - Rammamere Farm is directly ahead. Go through the gates and then go half left to cross a stile on a bank at the field corner - follow this path up the field and as it levels off look out for and cross a double stile in the hedgerow on the left - this can be quite obscured but it is located just after passing a nearbye telegraph pole. Carry on walking half right across the field more or less following the line of the telegraph poles to reach another stile in the hedge.
Continue across the next field heading for a group of pine trees (Hillbottom Spinney), the now grassy path winds through the Spinney and then becomes a track as it passes stables and then reaches a road. Take a stile by the gate on the right and continue up the field with the hedge on your right, cross another stile in the hedge and then up the field to a path between houses and the school. On reaching the road (you are now in Great Brickhill) go straight across into Rotten Row and continue along until you reach the main road junction. Turn right to go to the church.
Go left in front of the church on the small road - after a short distance go through a gate on the right and then soon over a stile into open ground - the path is quite obscure but simply go half right to walk down hill gradually merging with a very old stone and brick wall on your right.. As you reach the bottom of the slope continue over the stiles and then the path turns right with woods now on the right - this green path soon comes to a field edge, go half left across it to reach a road with Westfield Farm opposite. Turn left and continue along the road - passing over a river with several weirs - to arrive a the Grand Union canal.
Go down onto the canal towpath and turn left - now following along the towpath eventually passing Stoke Hammond Lock (where there is a bench seat) and walk back to the start point at the 3 Locks.

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