An 11km circular walk with two climbs starting at Halton which goes into Wendover Woods and visits Boddington Hill Fort.

Climbing up into Wendover Woods in The Chilterns.Wendover Woods track junction. How to get to the start: Take the A4011 out of Wendover in Buckinghamshire then having gone past RAF Halton's Main Gate the road rises - just at the top of the hill look for a cross roads sign - turn right (take care since this is just a very short entrance road) and park just ahead on rough ground by the wooden barriers. There is only a limited amount of parking available here and the best time to go is during the week as it's usually quiet.
This circular walk is only around 11 kilometres long and stays in Wendover Woods most of the time. Part of the walk uses a tiny bit of The Ridgeway and also a short distance goes along the Icknield Way. This area is really as good as it gets if you want to look at our English native trees in their full glory and the bluebells are excellent too.
Of course Wendover Woods is one of THE places to go to for looking at the trees in the Autumn - the colours are fantastic. The walk also takes in Boddington Hill and it's Hill Fort - though the fort is fairly overgrown and apart from a couple of narrow bramble covered paths inside it is not that easy to explore.
The walk finally takes you back down the hillside going round the edge of Halton Camp - with great views right across Halton, Wendover and the Chiltern Hills on the way.
From the car park go via the wooden barrier onto the track ahead - follow this gently rising track through woods ignoring any side paths. Keep left when the track splits and continue up to reach fir and yew trees at the top of the climb. Go onto the forest road, turn right and follow this for a few metres then carry on straight ahead by a large signpost - now crossing a grass area (there are toilets and a cafe to the right).
Sunken path in Wendover Woods - England. Wendover Woods looking a bit bleak. Autumn leaves making Wendover Woods beautiful. Tree-lined walking path at Wendover Woods.
Rejoin the road, go right and almost immediately left onto a marked track via a barrier. Just as the path starts to descend take a marked path (next to a seat) which heads into fir trees. Shortly take a path on the right - this continues through fir trees and then through woodland as it follows the ridge. This can be quite muddy and care needs to be taken because of quite slippery tree roots. Stay on the path eventually going through a more open area with a seat on the left - ignore any minor side tracks and paths. At a very wide cross track turn left and follow this grassy track to shortly reach the forest road. Turn right immediately before the road onto a wide muddy path, this is fenced on the left to start with - it curves through the woods and finally drops down to reach The Ridgeway. Turn right down this famous trail - when it turns sharp left continue straight ahead along a now really sunken path - this is The Icknield Way - and follow it straight down to a road.
Take the marked path on the right which goes through a hedge and into a field, turn left and follow the path alongside the hedgerow and on into small woods. The path soon continues between high hedges and with houses on the right. Just after the houses reach a Forestry Commission track, turn right along this - continue through the barrier then at a cross track turn left. This track now climbs and bends to the right - just before the large fir trees take a wide path on the right. Follow this path with dense fir trees on the left and good views of the valley on the right. Go left at a track t-junction and climb up steeply through more fir trees to reach another track. Turn left again and then shortly right at the next track junction. The trees are more mixed variety now - the track bends and climbs to finally reach yet another track junction.
Wendover Woods quite broad leafy track. Wendover Woods at the highest point in the Chilterns, England Heading back down to Halton from Wendover Woods. Wendover Woods can be extremely muddy at times.
Turn left, this climbs for a little while and then starts to descend - take the right hand track at the next junction. This track stays fairly level for a while as it winds to the right around Boddington Hill. Soon there are good views of Wendover below on the left and Boddington Hill Fort emerges on the right.
The track becomes very wide - continue on it until reaching a wooden barrier by a forest road. Bear left across a grassy area and then through a wooden barrier onto a very wide track. Follow this to a track junction and take the left hand track. This drops easily at first but then starts to really go down as it passes between really nice trees. At the bottom at a track t-junction and where there is a gate leading to the RAF camp in front of you go right onto a narrower path. Stay on this path still going through woods to reach a cross junction with steps in front of you. Turn left here and follow the path as it curves to the right and then take the next path on the left. This path goes alongside the perimeter of the RAF camp and then arrives back at the car park.
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